Vijay:The official, first buyer of “Fistful Of Dreams”


Vijay G Rao(right) sends this picture of him holding a copy of "Fistful Of Dreams."

Hello everyone. Today’s post is actually a conversation. The conversation is with Vijay G Rao, who bought the first copy of my maiden book “Fistful Of Dreams“. Vijay ordered a copy of the book the very day it was made available online on

Below, Vijay speaks about racial prejudice, one of the two core issues that Fistful Of Dreams highlights.

Nishant(NR):Your name?

Vijay(VJ):Vijay Rao

NR: What do you do?

VJ: I design gearboxes.

NR: What do you think of the book?

VJ: A wonderful and most time efficient way to highlight a deep-rooted issue that needs awareness

NR: What do you think of the social issues that this story tries to highlight?

VJ: An issue that is often ignored, but need great focus to help lead a meaningful life without being a victim to partiality.

NR: Do you see such discrimination taking place among educated class of India?

VJ: A lot. Unfortunately it is prevalent with the educated class where in fact it is least expected. There is a tendency

Vijay G Rao(right) sends this picture of him and his twin-brother Vinay(left), holding a copy of "Fistful Of Dreams."

to shy away people with dark skin

NR: What do you think needs to be done?

VJ: The achievements of people with dark skin needs to be publicized to build an awareness that they are capable of anything. This should be combined with an awareness on discrimination (like you have done).

NR: Can arts like photography play a role in this? How?

VJ: The way you have brought this issue forward through your pictured book is such a good way of building awareness in quick time. An elaborate writing may not have an impact like photographs when lots of people complain of not having time.

NR: Would you support such projects in future?

VJ: 100%. There is no doubt in that.

NR: Any suggestions on the book?

VJ: Not really. It is brought out in a very good manner, both, in quality and quantity. The color scheme(Black & White medium) is very good.

Thank you for the support Vijay. It reaffirms my belief that there are people who support projects that aim for social change.

If there are others like Vijay, who have feedbacks and reactions on the book, please write to me. I would like to share it here. If you would like to get your own copy of the book, then please visit this link.

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