Ten years a photographer

Benjasiri Park. Thailand

This year, the date falls on a Thursday. But, ten years ago, it was a Friday the 13th which couldn’t spook me from making the decision that altered the course of my life. Some would probably say that it was an inauspicious move to make on such a day. But, I am glad that I… Continue reading Ten years a photographer

A Photo Book for someone you love

Cover Page of the self-published photo Book - "It's All About Her". I designed and published this through Blurb.com . This was a surprise gift for my wife. Personalised Photo Books do make a great gift.

In this digital age, most consumers of photography will probably never print their photographs. Today, most of the visual communication takes place online over internet and social media networks. I have an old suitcase at home. It contains stacks of picture albums with photographs of our family, friends and relatives. The newest album in the… Continue reading A Photo Book for someone you love

My homeland : Where the grass is green, And skies are Blue

Where the grass is green, And the skies are blue. - A Diptych from my ongoing project, "Homeland"

 What is home? And what is homeland? Are they same? To where do I belong? September 2013, Sri Lanka ” How far is Mumbai from Bangalore?” asked Banuka, our guide and driver in Sri Lanka. “A thousand kilometers by road,” I replied. “Thousand kilometers! I can travel up and down my country twice, in that… Continue reading My homeland : Where the grass is green, And skies are Blue

Photo sphere for visual story-telling : Nexus 4

A photo sphere photographed using the Nexus 4 phone camera. © Nishant Ratnakar

  Photography and Visual Story-telling have undergone tremendous changes over the last hundred years. From a single or a series of  images printed in newspapers, to online slide-shows, and to a convergence of motion picture and still photography, the world has changed a lot. Today, a visual story-teller has plethora of options to tell a story. From info-graphics,… Continue reading Photo sphere for visual story-telling : Nexus 4

A Video Wedding Invitation

Ek Tha Nishant

Hello everyone. The year 2012 has almost come to an end. Hope you had wonderful memories from this year that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. I have many moments from this year that continue to stay lucid on my mind. One of those moments is of entering the wedlock. As a… Continue reading A Video Wedding Invitation

A year without a Job

Seeing new landscapes while work takes me to newer places. En route to Vijayawada. July 2012. © Nishant Ratnakar

A year without a job… But not without work! Yes! It has been exactly one year since I last stepped out of a workplace as an employee. At that moment, it wasn’t clear on how exactly I will get through the year. But, I had a clear plan on how I wanted to attempt reaching my… Continue reading A year without a Job

A Week with Point-and-Shoot Camera : Canon PowerShot s100

Band Stand, Mumbai. 2012. © Nishant Ratnakar

In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned how I had inclined to Mobile Phone cameras for personal photography. Over a period of time these tiny devices have undergone as many advancements as the beast – Digital SLR camera –  has undergone. Technology has been a great leveler in the field of photography. Today, the… Continue reading A Week with Point-and-Shoot Camera : Canon PowerShot s100