Bangalore Pete Photo Walk

A photo Walk at the Pete area of Bangalore. This walk was held as part of the multicity photo walks held over a week across India in connection with the World Photography Day. The walks were organised by Photo Konnect, and the Bangalore photo walk was led by photographers Mahesh Bhat and Vivek M. August 2015.

When you read the signage on the street that has words Balepet, Chikpet, Upparpet, Huriyopet, Darjipet, and so on, then you know you are in Bangalore’s “Pete” area. Last weekend, I was part of a photo walk held at the Bangalore Pete area. This walk was held as part of weeklong events to mark the World Photography day… Continue reading Bangalore Pete Photo Walk

Sachin Tendulkar : A Photograph that I wish had a Different Script

Mitchel Johnson celebrates after getting Sachin Tendulkar out plumb LBW in the India vs Australia ODI match held at Chinnaswamy Stadium on 29th September 2007

A greater part of my early childhood was spent playing the game of cricket. It was not always a big playground where I played. Sometimes it was the corner of the street, a veranda, or sometimes even indoors. Summer vacations meant choosing between grandparents home or summer cricket. I chose the latter. The idea of… Continue reading Sachin Tendulkar : A Photograph that I wish had a Different Script

Composition in Photography is a Political Decision

Bangalore. October, 2013

I’d like to share an important point with respect to composition in photography. This is from the learning and real life experiences, that I have had as a photojournalist and as a Visual Story-teller.

Stereotyping of Muslims in Indian media

A Screenshot of article on Bangalore Police being on a high alert over suspicion of terrorists presence in the city. The photograph used in connection with the story is of a random muslim man being questioned by police.

Indian mainstream media today plays to the gallery of stereotypes. And one of the thriving stereotypes is “islamophobia” or stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists. One of the examples is an article recently published online by Deccan Chronicle.

Honorable mention at MFI Press Photo Contest 2012

Stories & Documentary Projects

The journey of my photo project, Fistful of Dreams, is far from over. I am delighted to share the news that It has just been recognized in a nationwide photojournalism contest organised in India.

Media ethics and Mangalore Attack Case

The case of attack by hooligans (I refrain to use the term Moral Police. I fear that the term legitimizes their actions) on a group of youngsters who were partying at a resort at Mangalore has left people outraged across the country. The incident has followed close on the heels of the public molestation of… Continue reading Media ethics and Mangalore Attack Case

A Week with Point-and-Shoot Camera : Canon PowerShot s100

Band Stand, Mumbai. 2012. © Nishant Ratnakar

In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned how I had inclined to Mobile Phone cameras for personal photography. Over a period of time these tiny devices have undergone as many advancements as the beast – Digital SLR camera –  has undergone. Technology has been a great leveler in the field of photography. Today, the… Continue reading A Week with Point-and-Shoot Camera : Canon PowerShot s100

Another $10 Discount on Fistful of Dreams

The cover of the book "Fistful of Dreams: An Adopted Girl's Journey"

There is a good news for others who haven’t yet been able to buy my book, Fistful of Dreams,  during the last discount sale by Blurb, and/or have had some issues with the pricing. – the printers of the book are again offering a $10 discount on the book for all the orders placed in the February month (orders placed… Continue reading Another $10 Discount on Fistful of Dreams

Bangalore Pride March 2011

The 4th annual Bangalore Pride March was held in Bangalore city on Sunday, 27th November 2011. The march was held from Thulasi park to City Town hall and saw huge participation from members of various sexual orientations. This year the march was held as part of Bangalore Pride and Karnataka Sexual Minorities Rights festival, which… Continue reading Bangalore Pride March 2011

The story behind my Embedded Eyes

Indian migrant Guddu Gupta at his shared accommodation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Guddu hails from Ghorakpur town of India and works as a salesman in Cambodia. 2008. Photo: Nishant Ratnakar

My article on ‘Embedded journalism in documentary photography,’ that appeared in Un(T)ravel, the April-July 2011 edition of Offbeat, The Alternative’s quarterly ezine celebrating alternative living.