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Dear Ruh,

If somebody ever asks you what does your father do? Tell them he is a photographer.
I make photographs of the world around us. I do this to tell stories about the people and places in this world. I do this, both for a living and as a way of expression. As you grow a little older, I promise to tell you a lot of stories.

Making portraits is also a way of telling stories. In fact, portraiture is one of the oldest forms of storytelling. Off all the portraits that I’ve made till date and will make in the coming years, this portrait will always remain as a special one. It is the first portrait of you that I ever made. You had just arrived into this world then. You were crying with your eyes closed. And then suddenly, you stopped crying, turned towards me, and opened your eyes. And I didn’t miss that moment.

I didn’t use any of my fancy cameras to make this portrait. I made it with a mobile phone that your mum had given to me as an advance birthday gift. Actually, she didn’t have to gift me the phone. Because, couple of days after receiving the phone I got another advance gift. And that gift was, You.


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Rajshekar B S

Dear Nishant, I hope you are doing good. This photograph of your daughter is a priceless one. I can imagine what the moment could have been like. I experienced the same emotions about a year and ten months ago when my daughter arrived. The change of role, as a father to a beautiful angel is surreal. I may sound silly here. After the round of happiness on seeing the little one arrive in this world, a thought crossed my mind. The thought of how many years I would have with my daughter before she marries and leaves us to be… Read more »