A Portrait of Conversations

A Portrait of Candid Conversation
Photograph of Candid Conversations. Malleshwaram. June 2017. https://www.nishantratnakar.com

Engagement sessions or pre-wedding couple portrait shoots in India today are largely getting influenced by popular cinema. And the scale of it seems to have grown big where there is a large-scale production work involved from sourcing a location, roping in a stylist, a hair and makeup artist, getting assistants, and hiring tons of lighting gear. 

But then, there are also couples who don’t relate to that idea of a grand ‘big fat Indian’ wedding – they actually love minimalism. And this diversity in work is what keeps wedding photography interesting for me (year after year). 

This post is about one such minimal and elegant affair. It was just about conversations.

V & J got married last month. Their wedding was an intimate event with a guest list of close family and friends. A month before their wedding, I convinced them for a morning walk near Bangalore’s Malleshwaram market. The agenda of the day was to hunt for ‘Veena Stores’ – an iconic breakfast joint – and have some Dosas, Idlis, and Khara Bhath. Also, the plan was to make some portraits and candid photographs of the couple.

After a long time, I was at an assignment with less gear and no assistants. I was there with a tiny sling bag with one camera and one lens (okay, that’s a lie! There was a backup camera body in the bag). No flash, Speedlite, or big light modifiers – the only light was the morning sun.

It felt great to be back to fundamentals. During the two hours that we walked around Malleshwaram (hunting for the Veena Stores!), I got to experiment with the idea of ‘Moment Design’ (Thanks, Jesh De Rox!) and created some candid portraits of the couple in animated conversations.

Here is a slideshow of selected pictures from this walk. Click on the photograph to view it in a fullscreen lightbox.

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