Motherhood : An Aspiration | Maternity Portrait Shoot in Mumbai

Maternity Portrait Photographer Mumbai
Swapna. Juhu, Mumbai. March 2015
Maternity Portrait Shoot in Mumbai.

This summer, I did a few portrait shoots during my repeated travels to Mumbai. One of the portrait shoots was a maternity portrait shoot for Swapna.

We had multiple shooting sessions on different days for this portrait shoot. The initial few shoots were done mostly indoors at an apartment complex in Chembur. The shoot also included some members of her immediate family, including her mother and sister. Motherhood is a celebration for the entire family. There is no rule that maternity pictures should always only include the partner or husband along with the expectant mother. Glad we got a variation in this shoot with her sister and mother joining in too. After all, the new member of the family is eagerly awaited by all her/his relatives.

The last session of this shoot was done outdoors at the popular Juhu beach. There is a lot of activity happening at Juhu beach with many visitors and tourists there. So, it always takes some time to find a sweet spot for the shoot. While the indoor sessions had extensive use of flash lights, on this shoot we used a portable reflector + diffuser/scrim to create the lighting for the portraits.

Overall, it was a fun shoot with many portraits. Find below a gallery of selected photographs from this maternity portrait shoot.

To know more about my portrait shoots, do check the details at the link – Portrait Photography by Nishant Ratnakar . To contact me for assignments, or queries, do write to me via the contact form at the link – Contact Nishant Ratnakar

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