Sampoorna : A Beginning

Sampoorna - A Beginning
Short-film about the origin and work being done by Sampoorna Center in Bangalore. Sampoorna provides music therapy for children with autism.

“Sampoorna : A Beginning”, is a short documentary film that showcases the origin and work being done by Sampoorna in the area of music therapy for autism. Sampoorna Music Therapy Center for children with Autism is a project by Kilikili Trust. Sampoorna is located near Horamavu in Bangalore city.  Sampoorna is financially supported by SAP Labs India.

Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by social impairments and communication difficulties. Children on the Autism spectrum experience difficulty in communication and social interaction, are usually focused in their own inner world and may have much atypical behaviour due to underlying sensory processing issues.

The main goal of music therapy at Sampoorna is not to make a musician out of a child, but to make a planned use of interactive music (vocal, instrumental and rhythmic movements) towards achieving certain developmental goals of Autism. The developmental goals of Autism include making eye contact, sustaining attention, understanding reciprocal interaction, developing gross motor imitation skills, increasing the length of utterance, reducing self-stimulating behaviours etc. However developing musicality in the child is an intrinsic reward in the activity. Music therapy also enhances the child’s self-identity through singing or playing instruments.

Personally for me, working on this film has been an enriching experience. I am grateful to all the staff, children, and parents of children at Sampoorna who gave me the opportunity to make a film for them that could tell their story to rest of the world. It was inspiring to hear to the individual stories of the people whom I met during the course of making this documentary.

The film was made on a tight schedule with the aim of showing it to the audience at the recently concluded India Inclusion Summit held at Bangalore city.  Working as a one man army on this project (Direction, Scripting, Cinematography, Photography, Sound recording, Editing and multimedia production!) was tiring but a rewarding experience :). Though I could not make it to the India Inclusion Summit, I was told that the film was well received by the audience there.

Few technical details on making of the film.

  • Cinematography : The 24 fps full HD video was made on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and used camera picture style of Vision Color.
  • Photography : The photographs were made using a Fujifilm x100s mirrorless camera.
  • Sound Recording : The voice for interviews were directly recorded on to the video using a Sennheiser MKE 400 shot-gun microphone. Some of the ambient sounds were recorded using Zoom H1 Handy Stereo recorder.
  • Editing and Post-production : The entire film as edited on Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate video editing software. The color grading was done using the Red Giant Magic Bullets plugin.

If you liked the work of Sampoorna and are interested to know more, you can reach them on the email [email protected].

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