When Akshay Landed Rupali

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Rupali and Akshay. Engagement. September 2018. Bengaluru. Photograph by Nishant Ratnakar

A race that I have given up is the race against time. I cannot stop myself from growing old. I should just try to age with good health and stay fit doing things that I am passionate about. I will not get any younger from here.

But, I do feel really young at times. This happens usually when I meet groups of people much younger than I am. As a wedding photographer, I get to meet young couples throughout the year. Their perspective on life, love, and culture is a constant discovery that keeps my mind fresh with ideas. And this has a positive effect on my work as I try to blend my aesthetics with their lifestyle while creating photo stories of the most important moments in their lives.

Akshay and Rupali are one such young couple whose engagement ceremony photography was my responsibility.

Akshay is a pilot whom Rupali got introduced to out of serendipity during the course of her work at a popular radio station in Bengaluru. One thing led to the other, and one meeting led to the other, and they finally got engaged in Namma city this September. 

Their love story and all the important milestones were well documented in the tiny details that went into their engagement day decor, games, events and photo booth props. Their energy was addictive. I felt about 10 years younger on their engagement day :). 

The title of this post is inspired by their hashtag for the engagement event #AkshayLandedRupali , a pun on their real story: the pilot from Mumbai meeting a girl from Bengaluru. 

Here is an assorted photo gallery from this intimate evening which was a gathering of close family and friends. Click on any photograph to enter a fullscreen lightbox

P.S: To all the young couples out there looking for a photographer to tell the story of their wedding or engagement day, do reach out to me using this contact form

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