A South Indian wedding at The Tamarind Tree

Neha and Aditya. Wedding Ceremony and Reception. Tamarind Tree. Bangalore. October 2018. Photographs by Nishant Ratnakar Photography. https://www.nishantratnakar.com

I have a few favorite wedding venues in Bangalore. Besides them being a photographer’s delight these venues have been designed with great aesthetics. As an indoor wedding venue, Ganjam Mantap is what I love. For an outdoor wedding, The tamarind tree is a class by itself. It is not just for weddings, the couples have… Continue reading A South Indian wedding at The Tamarind Tree

A Konkani Tamil Wedding

Candid Konkani and Iyer wedding photographer

It goes without saying that India is culturally diverse. As a wedding photographer, I find myself as an eye witness to this diversity. I think I am lucky to get a ringside view of cultural amalgamation which creates a new social identity for the present generation of Indians living in India and abroad. Here was… Continue reading A Konkani Tamil Wedding

When Akshay Landed Rupali

Rupali and Akshay. Engagement. September 2018. Bengaluru. Photograph by Nishant Ratnakar

A race that I have given up is the race against time. I cannot stop myself from growing old. I should just try to age with good health and stay fit doing things that I am passionate about. I will not get any younger from here. But, I do feel really young at times. This… Continue reading When Akshay Landed Rupali

A Telugu Wedding in Bengaluru

Telugu Arya Vysya Setty Wedding. Bangalore. November 2017. Photographs by Nishant Ratnakar. https://www.nishantratnakar.com

There is a lot of cultural diversity in India. A lot of this diversity is visible in the Indian weddings. Very rarely do two weddings that I photograph in the same season look identical. In other words, being a wedding photographer in India is like undertaking a journey to observe and witness cultural richness in… Continue reading A Telugu Wedding in Bengaluru

A+R: A South Indian Wedding

My photography journey has its origins in documentary photography and photojournalism. It goes without saying that a lot of this style and framework has influenced my wedding photography. People call it candid wedding photography and I like to call it visual storytelling of an important day in the life of a couple. Towards the end of… Continue reading A+R: A South Indian Wedding

A Beautiful Ganjam Wedding

Ganjam Mantapa. Bangalore. September 2016. www.nishantratnakar.com

There are some venues that I love and coincidentally I am commissioned to photograph multiple weddings there every year. Maybe, these venues are favorite among the couples too. Ganjam Mantapa on Bull Temple road, near Basavanagudi, in Bangalore is one such wedding destination. I have had the honor of being the wedding photographer at this… Continue reading A Beautiful Ganjam Wedding

A Wedding in Tumkur

Candid wedding photography in Tumkur 2016. www.nishantratnakar.com

Couples and wedding photographers, both, would love weddings to take place at dreamy destinations. It makes for some incredible location to be the backdrop for a fairytale wedding. For us photographers, it is an opportunity for making wedding photographs and couple portraits with stunning landscapes and an abundance of ambient lighting, which will eventually find… Continue reading A Wedding in Tumkur

Dhanya+Karthik: The Sommer House

Dhanya and Karthik. The Sommer House, Bangalore. July 2016. www.nishantratnakar.com

I always look forward to photographing love stories that translate into intimate weddings. Something charming about these intimate weddings where people are so warm. And when the wedding venue exuberates the same amount of warmth and intimacy, then it is a perfect complement to the love story. I am glad that I was trusted to photograph… Continue reading Dhanya+Karthik: The Sommer House

A South Indian NRI Wedding

Preethi and Karthik. Bangalore. May 2016. NRI Candid Wedding Photographer Bangalore Cover

Beautiful weddings do not necessarily mean weddings held in far away beach destinations. It means beautiful moments, emotions and people, all coming together to create a beautiful story on a day important to two people. Most of the weddings in India are still held in traditional wedding halls or auditoriums rather in exotic beaches. I was witness… Continue reading A South Indian NRI Wedding

A Wedding Ceremony held at Home in Hubli

Deepak and Navya. Hubli. April 2016. www.nishantratnakar.com

One of the first decisions for a wedding that the couples make, after arriving at their wedding date, is the venue for the wedding ceremony. The wedding venue generally could vary from traditional wedding halls or auditoriums to places of worship, to sprawling lawns, to resorts and fairy-tale destination wedding venues. But, at sometimes the venue for… Continue reading A Wedding Ceremony held at Home in Hubli