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Hello there. Welcome to my Indian wedding photography page. I am a documentary photographer and a visual storyteller. My wedding photography style is contemporary. I see weddings in the realm of stories. I have been a photojournalist in the past, so this unscripted and candid approach to telling the stories of a wedding day in pictures was a career waiting to happen. And it did!

If you are not familiar with my wedding photography style, then please take a look at the below links to get acquainted with it.

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That was my work talking. Let my clients speak to you now. Do click here to read some of the testimonials to my work written by my clients.

What is the process of booking me for a wedding?

It is simple. There are 7 steps by which I’ll be honored with the responsibility of capturing the memories and telling the story of your big day with my time-tested perspective as a Visual Storyteller. Indeed, being trusted with this responsibility is an honor for me. I’ll cherish it forever.

  1. Contact me via the contact form.
  2. We’ll soon have a conversation (over a phone call, video call, coffee or beer too!)
  3. We agree on a quote/collection tailored to your requirements.
  4. We sign the standard contract online. (Yes. Sign it digitally. No tree being killed for paperwork)
  5. You Pay the booking fee. (And the deal is confirmed!)
  6. I photograph your wedding, and you make the final payment. (Your job is done. Enjoy your honeymoon)
  7. After an intensive time spent editing the work (about 4 to 6 weeks), I deliver the final images on the promised date.

See. It is that simple We can add few more steps after this, like getting your Photo book designed and printed (Or you return years later to make portraits of your first child, your family 🙂 ).


How much does it cost to hire my services?

My wedding photography collection/package starts from ₹75,000 onward. And they include a set of post-processed high-resolution digital files and a signature Photo Book(Album) as the deliverable. Based on the number of sessions, and your additional requirements like extra spreads for the Photo Books, and Engagement sessions(Pre-wedding shoot) we will always tailor a collection for you. So do write to me for more details on the pricing and products.

What about out-station & destination weddings?

I am based in Bangalore city. But, I travel across the country on assignments (and that’s what I love about my profession and life as a photographer). My wedding photography service costs do not change with location. It will remain the same for a calendar year irrespective of where the wedding would be held. But, for all out-station & destination weddings, the extra travel costs and accommodation will have to be provided by the clients.

How do we make the payments?

  • The booking fee payments can be made online via Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking at my secured payment link on Instamojo or by Bank Transfer.
  • The final payments can be done online by the above methods, by cheque or cash too.
  •  The booking fee is a commitment to honor the contract and confirm the wedding shoot.
  • The final payment is to be done on or before the wedding date. This ensures that post-production can begin without any delay.

What will our first conversation be like?

As I said earlier, I’ve been a photojournalist. I see weddings like an embedded journalist. That’s why my work is often referred to as Embedded Wedding photography. That’s what the media calls my work too.

In short, I try to camouflage myself at a wedding and shoot like an insider (I could be mistaken for your cousin with the camera). So that’s why I want to connect with you – the couple – in advance, to get to know you both, your story, your likes, your dislikes, something about your family and friends. This enables me to capture the most important thing at your wedding – intimacy. What good is candidness without intimacy, right? 🙂

So our conversations will be largely centered around the points that I mentioned above. And yes, we will also discuss the business side of the wedding photography too – your budget, your requirements, my quotes, and so on. To make this easier, I will share a questionnaire in advance for you to fill it up before our chat.


Why does it take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver the final images?

The work at any wedding doesn’t end with just the shoot. There is an intensive time spent by my world-class editing team in editing the photographs.

I see myself as a visual artist and what I give to you as a finished work of art. How would it be if an author gave readers scattered sheets of scribbled text or manuscripts, instead of the crafted final book? I see my services in the same light.

We don’t expect you – the couple – to waste your precious time shifting through tons of photographs, a majority of which will be of no use to you. Many images would have been shot in succession and will either be duplicates or identical shots. And a lot of them would be either underexposed, blurred or a bad shot. This is due to the intrinsic nature of any wedding where every scene is unpredictable with changing the quality of light and composition. So, we take great care in shifting through this pile and giving you the very best (nothing, but the best). And this takes time.


Will you share with us the dump of unedited or RAW images?

The answer is, No.

As I mentioned in the previous question, my team and I take the complete responsibility of shifting through the pile of images to find the best for you, so that you don’t have to do it (you’d rather enjoy your honeymoon).

Since we do this task, you can be assured that there are no great images left out from being given to you. Would I gain anything by not sharing with you something that is good 🙂 ? No, right?

Also, what you see in my portfolio and blog is a polished and edited body of work. All the editing is in the line of with my artistic vision. And this vision is what you have come to like and admire. So any unedited image is not part of my vision and not something that you will like.

Honestly, I am trying to sell you an experience and not sell just another product or package in the market. The above decisions are in line with giving you the best experience possible.

What about traditional photography and video?

I myself don’t do videography, group or excessively posed photography at weddings. But, I do have associates who provide these services for me on a project basis. So, if you do need me to provide these services for you, we can add them on to our customized wedding collection tailored for your requirements.


What about Copyrights and licensing?

The copyright model that I follow is what all the contemporary candid photographers across India and the rest of the world are following too.

  • As a creative professional photographer and as the author of the photographs, I retain the copyrights of the photographs that I create at your wedding. This is done with a purpose of fair-use.
  • As a client, you are given the license to make personal, non-commercial uses of your photographs. That would mean making countless prints/uploads/sharing online with friends & family and practically anything, as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you share them with.


Why is this model followed?

  • Fair use for creative professionals and artists like me, is the ability to showcase our work to prospective clients. By fair use, I will probably use the images on my website, blog, the internet, social media, magazine, print or any other medium deemed fit to promote and showcase my work.
  • You are a prospective client. You are considering me as the photographer for your wedding because you have seen my work on my website, blog, my social media pages or at a wedding trade show. Or maybe you have read reviews or articles about me and my work on the web or in a publication.
  • The reason you have been able to see and appreciate my work is because of this fair use. If you could not see my work, would you hire me? No, right? So, it is fair to let other prospective clients be able to see the good work that I do at your wedding, isn’t it? Now that’s fair-use.
  • This is how all contemporary wedding photographers work today.

How do we sign the Wedding Photography Contract with you?

As mentioned earlier, our workflow would include a contract which you(the couple) and I (the photographer) will sign. This ensures that we fulfill the contract commitments with highest professional standards. The contract includes all the points mentioned above, your wedding itinerary, payment schedule, the sales order for your wedding and other points necessary for a shooting a wedding event.

My clients are located all over the globe. Hence, I follow a paperless method of signing the contract. This saves time and is also good for the environment. Once we agree on a quote, we sign the contract digitally on my client portal.

I hope with this section I have been able to answer all your questions. Now let us make some beautiful photographs! If you have any more questions, do feel free to write to me using the contact form. I am waiting to have that conversation with you 🙂 .



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