Outdoor Portraits using Fujifilm x100s and strobes

Swapna. At Parkala, near Manipal. November 2013.

In the last seven years of my life as a professional photographer, a majority of time has been spent as a photojournalist on the field in the open outdoors. Conventional studio setting was not part my work (and wasn’t even the point of interest) when I embarked my journey as a photographer with the intention… Continue reading Outdoor Portraits using Fujifilm x100s and strobes

Flash Mob – Slutwalk Bangalore

I had last covered a Flash mob three years ago, when dancing ban at public places in Bangalore was making fresh headlines. It had got some of the city’s dancing enthusiasts to assemble at a public square with music quietly streaming from their portable players. The confused security guards at the square were struggling to… Continue reading Flash Mob – Slutwalk Bangalore