Say hello to Snapbook : A Mini Photo Book

Snapbook for Portrait Photographs in Bangalore

A printed photographs has a charm that can’t be matched by a digital version of it. Look at that wallpaper on your smart phone or laptop screen. Maybe it is a brilliant candid moment from your wedding, or a portrait of your loved one, or some valuable memory frozen for posterity. Touch that screen with… Continue reading Say hello to Snapbook : A Mini Photo Book

A Photo Book for someone you love

Cover Page of the self-published photo Book - "It's All About Her". I designed and published this through . This was a surprise gift for my wife. Personalised Photo Books do make a great gift.

In this digital age, most consumers of photography will probably never print their photographs. Today, most of the visual communication takes place online over internet and social media networks. I have an old suitcase at home. It contains stacks of picture albums with photographs of our family, friends and relatives. The newest album in the… Continue reading A Photo Book for someone you love

Photo Books and Weddings

Mobile phone snapshot of my Engagement Coffee table book / Photo Book printed by Canvera

Photo Book- Nishant & Swapna Engagement There is one question that is very relevant to present day photography – Do people still print the images from their digital camera? Industry might pull out charts, graphs and all sorts of figures to show sales of photographic prints to a consumer market. The Art World might speak… Continue reading Photo Books and Weddings

Vijay:The official, first buyer of “Fistful Of Dreams”

This post is a conversation with Vijay G Rao, who bought the first copy of my maiden book “Fistful Of Dreams”. Vijay had ordered a copy of the book the very day it was made available online on

Fistful of Dreams, the book

(UPDATE: Fistful of Dreams is now available as an e-book for iPad/iPhone/iPod) Yes! Finally! A year of sleepless nights is now seeing the daylight! My first book,¬†Fistful of Dreams: An Adopted Girl’s journey , ¬†is now available online on blurb bookstore. The book is in landscape format (10 x 8 inches) with 60 pages of… Continue reading Fistful of Dreams, the book