If Paris bans photography at Eiffel tower

A candid moment of my niece photographed at Lalbagh botanical gardens, Bangalore. August 2014.

What if the tourism department of India or ASI imposes a fine on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for having his recent family portrait taken in front of the Taj Mahal?  Or instead, impose a fine on the security guards at the Taj for allowing the Canadian prime minister to do so? What if Paris… Continue reading If Paris bans photography at Eiffel tower

Don’t leave me now

As a photojournalist, one of the most challenging beats to work on is the crime beat. It is a beat of extremes. I end up doing work that emotionally drains me out to something that is very mundane. Covering suicides drains me the most. Personally, there is a larger purpose in covering suicides…

Notes from the field:Politics & Media

Wednesday morning coverage of the Diamond Jubilee inauguration of Karnataka Public Service Commission(KPSC) could have been just another event if not for the events chief guests – Governor HR Bharadwaj, and Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa – the two people, at loggerheads in the current political drama in the state. Them sharing the same podium, was medias’ ‘orgasmic’ moment…

Few frames behind the lens

As an assignment for my Advanced News Photography class held during my Diploma in Photojournalism scholarship program I did an audio slideshow featuring my photographer colleague K Anantha Subramanyam at his home and at work.

The Park Bench Stories

The Park Bench Stories was a multimedia assignment for my course at ACFJ at Ateneo De Manila University. It was originally a Soundslides Audio Visual project and now converted into a video format. The video captures the mood and ambient sound on a relaxed day at Cubbon Park, a major tourist attraction in Bangalore city,… Continue reading The Park Bench Stories

A classroom experiment on Soundslides

Multimedia, audio, video… seems to be/is the emerging mantra for photojournalists. Convergence of different mediums have created a whole new world of opportunities for visual story-telling. Also, from this year World Press Photo has instituted a new contest to recognize multimedia photojournalism. Multimedia is here to stay. This multimedia slideshow was produced by me as… Continue reading A classroom experiment on Soundslides

My Camera Obscura

As part of my scholarship studies course of a Diploma in Photojournalism from ACFJ, I had to make a pinhole camera / Camera Obscura out of a Pringles Potato wafers container.  For me, making the Pringles Camera Obscura was not just about recreating the first known principle behind the design of cameras. It was also a nostalgic… Continue reading My Camera Obscura

And it rained

The hardest part of my job involves commuting across Bangalore city on a scooter. Why do I say that? There are two reasons for it. First reason is obvious: the great Bangalore traffic jams. Second, the unpredictable weather. When it rains, the roads get clogged with water. And It just gets worse. Today, it poured… Continue reading And it rained

MLTR- Live at Bangalore

Someday... MLTR Live at Reliance TimeOut mall, Bangalore

Someday, Somewhere, We’ll be together…….   To all the people in my life with whom I have lost contact,  to everyone I meet everyday during the rush hour but long to spend quality time together, and to everyone who has made a difference to my life…… I dedicate this video that I shot using my… Continue reading MLTR- Live at Bangalore