Stereotyping of Muslims in Indian media

A Screenshot of article on Bangalore Police being on a high alert over suspicion of terrorists presence in the city. The photograph used in connection with the story is of a random muslim man being questioned by police.

Indian mainstream media today plays to the gallery of stereotypes. And one of the thriving stereotypes is “islamophobia” or stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists. One of the examples is an article recently published online by Deccan Chronicle.

The Snake Catcher and Composition

A Cobra that was rescued by 'Snake Shivappa' from JC Nagar after it had strayed into a residence in the locality. The Cobra weighed around 5 kilograms and was around 5 to 6 feet in length. © Nishant Ratnakar

Snake catcher shivappa has rescued around 12,000 snakes in and around Bangalore city. But there is no permanent job for him. His life depends on whatever people give him after every catch.

Don’t leave me now

As a photojournalist, one of the most challenging beats to work on is the crime beat. It is a beat of extremes. I end up doing work that emotionally drains me out to something that is very mundane. Covering suicides drains me the most. Personally, there is a larger purpose in covering suicides…