Personal stories in Photo Books

There are #stories everywhere. Some stories are #personal while many could be news worthy and headline grabbing. I always loved stories that have a personal touch to them. Some of my #documentary projects utilized a style where I followed the lives of few individuals to highlight larger issues. I made myself an #embedded #journalist rather than a passive observer. With a protagonist being at the center of the story, the audience can be effectively drawn into the #heart of the #story. I have always found it to be an effective style to communicate deeper issues. Anyway, here is extending that style to some personal projects. The subject here is my wife. And this #photo #book project was intended to #gift her something #special while introspecting our early years together. The subject of #Love and the #lover are both an #inspiration for many #photographers. I am no exception . Here is the link to view the book


At an ongoing inter-school cricket tournament, the boys of Bishop Cotton School embarked on a novel method to juice themselves up when playing against weak teams: A self-inflicted penalty for every boundary conceded. Narcissistic and full of piss. That is what you normally associate cricketers with, even amateur or budding ones in this cricket-mad nation.… Continue reading HERE IT’S 5 PUSH-UPS FOR EVERY 4

From Uzbekistan with love

All credits to the Bangalore’s infamous rush hour traffic jam, I reached Palace grounds an hour later than the scheduled time I was to meet the ‘Russian artists’, who are in the city as part of the travelling Jumbo Circus troupe. My worst fears were true; most of the artists who were initially waiting for… Continue reading From Uzbekistan with love

Saving (Finding actually) Private Bahadur

Circa July 2007 This is Men (Meen) Bahadur, a 10-year old Nepali kid at the Government Boys Home (Located close to both KIDWAI memorial hospital and NIMHANS) in Bangalore. Sitting behind him in the long corridor of the Boys home and crying, is a mentally disturbed inmate. I asked the officials why that kid was… Continue reading Saving (Finding actually) Private Bahadur

No Indians allowed. Only foreigners

I and a couple of my friends undertook a trip to Pondicherry to spend our Ugadi weekend in this coastal holiday destination. It was a road trip which was decided on the spur of the moment with the intention to break free from the rush of the stressful life we lead in Bangalore city. Hence,… Continue reading No Indians allowed. Only foreigners

When the monks came marching

Forty eight years ago, on the10th of March in the year1959, Tibetans rose up to protest against Chinese occupation of Tibet and to re-assert their demand for complete independence. Millions of Tibetans since then have lost their lives in this struggle, and also thousands of them lose their lives every year as they attempt to… Continue reading When the monks came marching

Do they really mean it..

The Karnataka flag is seen hoisted at the entrance of one of the popular wholesale malls of Bangalore during the recent protests over the judgement given by the Tribunal for Cauvery river water sharing issue. This was a common site in front of big commercial complexes, supermarkets, malls,multiplexes IT and BPO company office buildings in… Continue reading Do they really mean it..


IrfanOriginally uploaded by travelling writer. Date: November 4th,2006. Place:Russel Market, Bangalore I thought child labour was banned in my country. But poverty I guess forces children to work. Irfan, works along with his friend and another lady who runs this service of cleaning prawns for customers after they have struck a deal with one of… Continue reading Irfan

Janapada Jathre 2007: A Festival of folk dance

Saturday evening and a free concert at a hillock; what a combo it was for connoisseurs of folk music and dance! This was the atmosphere I was treated to when I arrived at Lal Bagh. This year’s Janapada Jathre, the festival of folk music and dance was held at the base of the Lal Bagh… Continue reading Janapada Jathre 2007: A Festival of folk dance