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Clients: Pradeep Narayanashetty & Akhila Tadinada

  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Assignment: Hindu-Telugu Wedding held at Bangalore city
Akhila & Pradeep
Akhila & Pradeep

Hi Nishant

We have been getting awesome reviews for the photos from all our friends. One of friends even said he would kiss you on your forehead( not literally 🙂 ) for having captured us so beautifully. We are going to cherish these photos for a long time to come and we cannot thank you enough for having done such a great job. We will surely recommend you to many more couples to come. Thanks Akhila and Pradeep

Client: Kavitha Krishnamoorthy / Kilikili

  • Location: Bangalore, India.
  • Assignment: Multimedia Presentation/Video on Kilikili’s work
Touch, Hear, Play, Learn
Touch, Hear, Play, Learn – Playspaces for the Visually Impaired

Nishant developed a multimedia presentation incorporating videos, still photos and text on Kilikili’s work in developing play spaces for the visually impaired. It is a wonderful exposition on our work. Nishant has brought his innate sensitivity and nuanced understanding of the subject to the presentation. He is extremely professional in his approach and has his heart and head in the right place! He is willing to make innumerable changes till the work is to our and his satisfaction. He is value-driven and ethical in his approach. We love working with him and already have two more projects lined up for him!

Client : Deepa hattangady Karnad

  • Location : Peterborough, England, UK.
  • Assignment: Portraits of my daughter Krisha

We’d been waiting impatiently for this beautiful gift from God, couldn’t wait to hold her in our arms. And when we did, we were totally smitten by the darling angel. We wanted some of these precious moments to be captured by somebody who wouldn’t lose her innocence to the camera, to somebody who wouldn’t care for the tantrums she’d thow and still shoot. And it was our last day in Bangalore, we were flying off to Mumbai the next day. And I was messaging some of my old college friends and ex-colleagues if they knew someone to help me get portraits done for my baby. The biggest question was whether the photographer would have some hours free on that particular day ! And yes, God finally answered in my favour when I got this info about Nishant from unexpected quarters, a friend who had relocated out of country and hadn’t been in touch and yet hadn’t forgotten me ! And here he was at our house in the afternoon shooting 3-4 hours non stop and bearing all of my baby’s tantrums and yet capturing the best of the best expressions. What patience !! We absolutely loved his work ! I look at these pictures everyday even to this day and can’t wait to have him do another set of these when my baby is a little older. Nishant, we wish you all success in all your future endeavours ! God speed and Good Luck !

Client : Priti & Lex

  • Location : Cambridge, England, UK.
  • Assignment: Destination Wedding at Alankrita Resorts, Hyderabad
Priti & Lex
Priti & Lex

We loved the pictures Nishant took for our Sangeet and Wedding. He managed to capture special moments and family members in a way that brought the moments to life when we saw them after the wedding! Thanks a lot for the great pictures Nishant!

Clients: Swetha & Paresh Shenoy

  • Location: New York City, USA
  • Assignment: South-Indian, Konkani Wedding at Bangalore.
Swetha & Paresh

We really didn’t want the clichĂ©d “stand and pose” pictures for our wedding, so getting a candid photographer along with a traditional one was a must! We came across Nishant’s work on Facebook. His wedding candid photography was quite refreshing. After a quick exchange of emails, we decided to work together.

Nishant captured beautiful moments at the wedding, we absolutely loved it! He was also able to get some priceless expressions of my parents, Paresh’s sister and other family members at various points during the wedding ceremony. We also appreciated the fact that Nishant was prompt in delivering the pictures early, as per our request.

So glad we hired you for our special day, Nishant!



Clients: Paul & Mehnaz

  • Location: Bangalore City, India
  • Assignment: Mehendi & Nikah (wedding) at Bangalore.
Paul & Mehnaz
Paul & Mehnaz

Thank you so much, Nishant, for your time with us and for the wonderful pictures.

It was great chatting with Nishant before and after the wedding. We met Nishant a couple of times before the wedding day to discuss how we would go about the shoot. This helped us break the ice and to warm up to each other before the run-up to the wedding.

Nishant’s friendly and unstaged approach suited our wedding set-up very well. He took hundreds of pictures during the pre-wedding event and the wedding day and I don’t remember posing for the camera at all. Most of the pictures are candid, just the kind of photography we love. Nishant is a very talented and passionate photographer. He’s got creative ideas. And you can trust him with his suggestions.

Nishant captured the magic, the colors, the mood along with our family and friends just perfectly. Thanks once again Nishant for the fantastic job!

Paul & Mehnaz

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