A Basic Photography Workshop at Pause Studio Bangalore

Photography 101 at Pause Studio Bangalore
Photography 101 : A Basic Photography workshop my Photography mentor Nishant Ratnakar, at Pause Studio Bangalore

Photography 101 at Pause Studio Bangalore

Sometimes, I wish my photography education started during my primary school years. And then I think otherwise. The very thought of learning photography from school conjures up visions of a methodology of learning something with the objective of cracking an examination question paper. Imagine, “Explain Focal length in 20 sentences for 10 marks”.  Would this make learning fun? Should this be the objective and style of teaching photography? No. This is precisely what I want to avoid as I conduct Photography 101 or A Basic Photography workshop at Pause Studio Bangalore this month.

Most of my photography education has been from the school of hard knocks! And a some from the few mentors that I’ve had in a decade as a professional photographer. And there was this special year when I got to pursue a full scholarship diploma in photojournalism from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. The best part of the diploma was that the total time that I spent in the classrooms was about a month, and the rest of the year was spent in getting my hands dirty on the field. It was an interesting pedagogy, far different from high school way of learning stuff.

And these experiences coupled with some time spent teaching during workshops and lectures at various colleges in Bangalore city, I have a developed a methodology (with constant iterations) for what I believe should be the ideal classroom approach. I am not saying that this is indigenous methodology, there are many photography instructors across the world who probably have this objective and methodology to make learning photography fun.

Photography is not rocket science
Photography is not rocket science

Photography is not rocket science. But, it does involve some amount of science. It is a cocktail of science, art, common sense, practice, discipline, and passion. I wouldn’t want students to wait for the classroom sessions to be done before heading home to explore camera. Why can’t it happen simultaneously with lectures in the classroom?

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am back again this season conducting a series of beginner level basic photography workshops at Pause, a new photography studio located in the heart of Bangalore city. Pause studio is run by a set of wonderful people who have spent a lot of time and effort setting up this studio. During the few meetings we’ve had, I realized that we have some shared vision in photography education. Hence, we have come together to conduct these workshops.

The workshops will be 2-day workshops conducted over weekends. There will be a total of 3 batches on 3 different weekends in the month of October & November. For more details on the curriculum, timing, batches, fees, and registrations do check the Pause Studio workshopsPause Studio Facebook Page, and the Facebook event for the Photography Workshop.

So, see you guys at Pause Studio on one of these weekends. Hurry, as there are limited seats for each batch.

Do share this link with your family and friends who would want to embark on a journey in photography.

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