Best of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 – A Visual Storyteller’s Perspective

Best of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 : A Visual Storyteller's Perspective
est of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 is a video that showcases the portfolio and perspective of Indian Documentary Wedding Photographer Nishant Ratnakar to the weddings he is commissioned to shoot.

Best of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 : A Visual Storyteller's Perspective

One of the most important tasks for any photographer is making a portfolio of his/her work. It sometimes becomes a painful challenge as the photographer has to go through tons of images in the archives. Each photographer needs to be critical of his/her work, which can be difficult as most of us tend to get too attached to our images. One of my mentors had suggested a perfect term for photo editing – “Kill your darlings”. The photographer needs to prune and curate to arrive at a final set that showcases the entire repertoire.

My portfolio of wedding photography displayed on my website was quite an old one. Most of my latest work was showcased on my Facebook page Embedded Eyes. Since, I was getting a lot of clients through social media it was effective to have my best work shown there. But, that meant no excuse for neglecting my website. I have been regular with this blog on my website, but I have indeed been lazy when it came to updating the portfolios here.

While, I was preparing images from the year 2013 for making a gallery for the wedding portfolio, a thought crossed my mind.

The contemporary wedding photography in India is a diverse field. Each photographer brings his/her own unique style to wedding photography. The commerce is such that all photographers are blankly referred to as ‘Candid wedding photographers’ which unfortunately overshadows the fact that there is diversity in our work. From my point of view, I am a Visual Storyteller. Visual Storytelling is the heart and soul of all my photographic projects. And so I consider weddings as stories too – your stories. I approach weddings as a storyteller.

I want every prospective client visiting my website to know the above perspective. So, while I like them to see my work through photo galleries, I also want them to know my thought process and approach to every wedding that I am commissioned to shoot. I could have written a separate article on this subject and given a link to it in the gallery hoping that the clients would navigate and read it after viewing the gallery. But, do I have to really decouple the two tasks? Wouldn’t it be better to merge and communicate both on a single platform.

I am a multimedia practitioner. So, shouldn’t a multimedia presentation or a video be a better way to showcase both , my work and my thought process?

Bingo! And I made it. Here, it is.

I present to you “Best of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 : A Visual Storyteller’s Perspective”. This is a video that showcases my wedding photography portfolio from the weddings that I was commissioned to photograph in the year 2013. In this video I combine photographs and words to build a narrative to communicate to you my perspective in wedding photography. In this video, alongside the portfolio you will also know what my style and approach in wedding photography is.

In other words, this video tell you how a Visual Storyteller photographs weddings. Do watch the video and share it around.

To know more about the weddings that I am commissioned to shoot, please click here.

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Nishant is a Bangalore, India based Wedding, Portrait & Editorial Photographer. He is available for assignments across India. He also conducts photography workshops and offers personal photography mentorship.

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