My Wedding Photography featured in India Today

Candid Wedding photographer Bengaluru.

It is always nice when your work gets noticed and featured in leading publications or media in the country. That’s what exactly happened to me and my wedding photography couple of months ago when I was featured in the India Today magazine.

My Truly Candid Wedding Moments of 2016

Candid moment during a south Indian tamil brahmin wedding. Bangalore. June 2016.

I like to call myself as a wedding photographer, or as a photographer who sees weddings in the realm of stories – a visual storyteller. But, the marketing of Indian wedding photography industry is built on the phrase – the candid wedding photographer.

Featured on Yahoo India Lifestyle

A grid on my Indian Wedding photography featured on Yahoo India Lifestyle

Suddenly when you notice an increased traffic to your website, especially in a week when you haven’t posted any new content, one of the reasons  could be a media interview. That’s what happened when my interview by Khristina Jacob of  Yahoo India Lifestyle got published on their portal, and was featured on their homepage.

Best of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 – A Visual Storyteller’s Perspective

est of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 is a video that showcases the portfolio and perspective of Indian Documentary Wedding Photographer Nishant Ratnakar to the weddings he is commissioned to shoot.

One of the most important tasks for any photographer is making a portfolio of his/her work. It sometimes becomes a painful challenge as the photographer has to go through tons of images in the archives. Each photographer needs to be critical of his/her work, which can be difficult as most of us tend to get… Continue reading Best of Indian Wedding Photography 2013 – A Visual Storyteller’s Perspective

Speaking as an Embedded Wedding Photographer

Screenshot of my interview published on the website of AISFM, a leading Film and Media school in India

Off late, most of my Visual Story-telling projects have been Wedding Photography assignments. Over the years, as I went independent as a photographer, I found wedding photography to be a natural extension of the photography styles that I practiced – Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. Hence, the transition from shooting primarily news and editorial images to… Continue reading Speaking as an Embedded Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography by an embedded journalist

A bride reaching out to her mother, while the latter is slowly being pulled away from her by their relatives. A Bidaai Scene, Bangalore, 2010. © Nishant Ratnakar

There is one particular moment during Hindu weddings that can get emotionally charged. It is the time of Bidaai, or the ritualistic farewell given to the bride by her family. If most rituals of Indian marriages are about joy and celebration, then Bidaai is about shedding tears, and more tears. This is especially true in… Continue reading Wedding photography by an embedded journalist