Langkawi memories

Langkawi Memories
Langkawi Memories. © Nishant Ratnakar

Langkawi Memories is a short travel-video produced by me. It shows glimpses of Langkawi island (Malaysia) from the point-of-view of a honeymoon couple – my wife & I.

Though we traveled to other destinations in Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highland, it was Langkawi that we really fell in love with. It turned out to be an ideal honeymoon getaway for us. From sunset-cruise to snorkeling, beautiful beaches  to a roaring water-fall, shacks to luxury beach resorts, Langkawi has many things on offer for a traveler. And yes, it is a duty-free island!

Being a visual story-teller, it was hard for me to not be thinking of the holiday as a personal story too :). The urge to photograph or shoot a video of important moments could not be resisted.

I had left behind at home my heavy professional Digital SLR cameras, and was relying on my tiny Canon s100 to document our honeymoon in videos and photographs. It has been a while since I stopped carrying DSLRs on holidays and some personal projects. Mobile phones and my S100 had become constant companions during vacations. I love traveling light (while my wife loves shopping!).

So, I was hoping to make the best of my s100. But then, the worst fear came true. An ironic start to a photographer’s honeymoon – My camera lens got messed up the moment I landed at Kuala Lumpur(KL). Lens error!  Camera was under warranty but no place at KL would repair it in less than two weeks. My wife saw my sulking face and decided to fund an emergency camera (Yay! I love you!) . We picked up an inexpensive Nikon camera for the rest of the Malaysian trip, and the result is this multimedia.

The video and photographs have been captured using a hand-held compact camera (Nikon Coolpix s3300). The entire short-film has been edited on Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate. This video is intended to give an idea to compact-camera owners on how they can creatively use their holiday videos to create short-films or music videos with a low-budget.

The background music used in this video is a Royalty-free music-track  by artist Dan O’Connor , that as per license terms with attribution (Music by Dan-O at can be used Commercially (example: for YouTube monetization and partnership).

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By Nishant Ratnakar

Nishant is a Bangalore, India based Wedding, Portrait & Editorial Photographer. He is available for assignments across India. He also conducts photography workshops and offers personal photography mentorship.

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8 years ago

Thanks for sharing this excellent experience.

8 years ago

Great video! Which travel agent did you book through?

8 years ago
Reply to  Shweta

Shweta, I booked through an independent travel agent based in bangalore. her name is Vinaya Suresh. I can email you her contact details if you want.