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Ek Tha Nishant
Ek Tha Nishant

Hello everyone. The year 2012 has almost come to an end. Hope you had wonderful memories from this year that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. I have many moments from this year that continue to stay lucid on my mind. One of those moments is of entering the wedlock.

As a photographer, wedding was something that I always saw from behind the lens as I documented the marriage ceremonies of my clients. But, September 2012 saw me switch sides, and face the camera, as I got married to Swapna. My photographer friends Venkatesh and Sneha – the duo behind Coffeestains.in – took charge of shooting our wedding photographs (Thanks guys).

Being a photographer and a visual story-teller, I guess it is a natural tendency for me to look for stories in every aspect of life. One might think of me searching for stories in the personal projects that I undertake, in the issues that I cover as a photojournalist, or even in the weddings that I photograph. But, the truth is that even without a camera in my hand, I get a high out of life’s daily stories and also in frames that I never capture (just watch them happen).  And in my wedding, the indulgence with photographs and stories happened months before the D-day. I decided to create a wedding invitation that encapsulated this story-telling aspect. The result was a multimedia wedding invite in the form of a video.

I reproduce here the contents of the email that I sent as my wedding invite to my family and friends. It speaks more about the thoughts behind it. Hope you enjoy reading it and watching the video (shared at the top) too.

I always have been a fan of personalized and handmade souvenirs. And invitation cards are no exception:-). A part of the sender or creator stays on forever with you, just like an autograph.

I live in an era where most things have gone digital, and hence are intangible. Just because they can’t be touched, would it mean that they fail to touch you?

I don’t think so. I am a photographer and a visual story-teller. I work with digital images and visuals. Photographs are memories to many. And memories touch that chord of nostalgia with in us. Don’t they? Stories are just like memories too. An inspiration for a story could be a memory, maybe a sweet one or a bitter one.

I have a story to tell. It is the story about how I met a special woman in my life. It is about how we both decided to spend the rest of our lives together. And what other way can I think of telling this story than through images?

So, here is my hand-made wedding invitation in the form of a video – a short-film – that tells this personal story. Kindly accept this unusual but still a personal wedding invite. I hope to see you at my wedding.

This video is dedicated to the woman who agreed to marry me, and to her fascination of mainstream Indian cinema:-)



 Note:  The video was created using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 15 video editing software. It made use of different montage features provided in the software. As an independent visual story-teller I found this software within my budget. My first experience with this software was when editing the Flash Mob – Slut Walk Video. Since then I have used it in  almost all my multimedia/Video projects. the version 15 has now been replaced by version 16. I am writing about Pinnacle due to my satisfying experience in using it. I have no affiliation or financial dealing with Pinnacle or Corel (The company which now owns Pinnacle).


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