Encounter with A Giant Pufferfish

Encounter With A Giant Pufferfish © Nishant Ratnakar

It was the first time in my life that I went Scuba diving. And what happened next was an unbelievable experience, something which I’ll never forget in my lifetime.

Bilekahalli Tales : The Manhole

A mini truck queued up in traffic at Bilekahalli Junction, Off Bannerghatta Road, has stopped right next to a water-clogged manhole. The manhole's lid was damaged long back and was causing a traffic hazard as it is located at a sharp bend along the road. With overnight showers that the Bangalore city received, the visibility of this potential road hazard has worsened further. Saturday, 1st June, 2013, Bangalore. © Nishant Ratnakar

The Manhole is the first video to be produced in the Bilekahalli Tales series. The Manhole is a short feature about a specific civic issue (a hazardous manhole) affecting the busy Bilekahalli main road, off Bannerghatta road, Bangalore city.

Photo sphere for visual story-telling : Nexus 4

A photo sphere photographed using the Nexus 4 phone camera. © Nishant Ratnakar

  Photography and Visual Story-telling have undergone tremendous changes over the last hundred years. From a single or a series of  images printed in newspapers, to online slide-shows, and to a convergence of motion picture and still photography, the world has changed a lot. Today, a visual story-teller has plethora of options to tell a story. From info-graphics,… Continue reading Photo sphere for visual story-telling : Nexus 4

Hyderabad : Fragment of my memory

Hyderabad: Fragment of my memory

“Hyderabad : Fragment of My memory” is a multimedia travel story of my first visit as an adult to the Southern Indian city of Hyderabad during the year 2011. I have been to Hyderabad several times after that, but this experience formulated some of my early views of this city.

Langkawi memories

Langkawi Memories. © Nishant Ratnakar

Langkawi Memories is a short travel-video produced by me. It shows glimpses of Langkawi island (Malaysia) from the point-of-view of a honeymoon couple – my wife & I.

A Slow-motion Music Video on a Digicam

Evenings With Arnie - A music video. © Nishant Ratnakar

Evenings with Arnie is a music video where I follow my nephew Arnav during his playtime on one fine overcast Summer evening at our home in Bangalore city. This is as simple as I can get with the description of this video :).

Flash Mob – Slutwalk Bangalore

I had last covered a Flash mob three years ago, when dancing ban at public places in Bangalore was making fresh headlines. It had got some of the city’s dancing enthusiasts to assemble at a public square with music quietly streaming from their portable players. The confused security guards at the square were struggling to… Continue reading Flash Mob – Slutwalk Bangalore

Few frames behind the lens

As an assignment for my Advanced News Photography class held during my Diploma in Photojournalism scholarship program I did an audio slideshow featuring my photographer colleague K Anantha Subramanyam at his home and at work.

Green Energy Race

  This is an audio slideshow made as a group assignment for the Advanced News Photography course in our Diploma in Photojournalism Program at ACFJ (Asian center For Journalism) at Ateneo De Manila University. The group consisted of Aileen C Dimatatac, Cheryl Baldicantos, Tumpa Mondal and I. The assignment, was for us to interpret  an… Continue reading Green Energy Race

The Park Bench Stories

The Park Bench Stories was a multimedia assignment for my course at ACFJ at Ateneo De Manila University. It was originally a Soundslides Audio Visual project and now converted into a video format. The video captures the mood and ambient sound on a relaxed day at Cubbon Park, a major tourist attraction in Bangalore city,… Continue reading The Park Bench Stories