A classroom experiment on Soundslides

Multimedia, audio, video… seems to be/is the emerging mantra for photojournalists. Convergence of different mediums have created a whole new world of opportunities for visual story-telling. Also, from this year World Press Photo has instituted a new contest to recognize multimedia photojournalism. Multimedia is here to stay.

This multimedia slideshow was produced by me as an assignment for the Advanced News Photography class in the Diploma in Photojournalism program that I am pursuing on a full scholarship from ACFJ (Asian Center For Journalism) at Ateneo De Manila University.

This is one of my first experiments with soundslides. It is an application that enables me to create rich slideshows for the web. The background narration in this project is my voice, that I recorded on the new portable Stereo recorder from Zoom, the H1 handy recorder. The sound is a raw 256kbps mp3 file straight of the recorder. I didn’t have time to process and edit it. Next time onwards I will use software like Audacity to work on sound.

I enjoyed the entire process of creating this slideshow. Multimedia production is whole new ball game. I had to write my own script for this. Then spent a great deal of post production time to synchronize the photographs with the narration. Playing  the role of a producer was fascinating. This project was slightly crude and could have had great enhancements tapping all features of  soundslides application. I will work on more productions from now on. Next time sound editing and scripting will be a top priority.

Feel free to let me know your views on this.

EDIT: This was originally produced as a Soundslides audio slideshow. The project has been now converted to a video format to make it available for viewing on all devices. Soundslides, at the moment, is not responsive website design friendly, and hence doesn’t display well on mobile devices. If you want to view the original Soundslides version of this  project from a desktop computer browser, then please click this link – Cops at Work(Soundslides version)

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Jamie Dsilva
Jamie Dsilva

Good Job! It would have sounded great with a back ground track.
Btw what is that thumping sound in between?

Jamie Dsilva
Jamie Dsilva

Good Job! It would have sounded great with a back ground track.
Btw what is that thumping sound in between?