My Canon PowerShot s100 on sale

Canon PowerShot S100
My Canon PowerShot s100 is on sale

One of the emotionally difficult decisions to make, is to part with things that you own and love a lot. I am making one of those decisions now. I am selling my trusted old compact camera Canon PowerShot s100 . Anyone interested? Then please read on.

My trusted old compact camera Canon PowerShot s100 is now on sale. Yes, I do use compact cameras for lot of my projects. DSLRs see the day only when they are essential (like wedding photography assignments!)

Why am I selling?

I love it and didn’t want to part with it. A year back I bought a Fujifilm x100s and it served the purpose of my s100 and does a lot (lot….lot!!) more than it. So, I haven’t been using my dear s100 now. I need to invest on some new resources and hence have taken a decision to part with s100 to raise funds for it. Therefore my Canon Powershot s100 is on sale.

Specs & Pricing?

Internet is filled with link to specs, features, current pricing of s100. I’ll keep it simple here.

I am selling my Canon Powershot s100 (+Battery+Charger+4GB SD card+A Pouch) for 15,000 Indian rupees. It is 3000 rupees less than the price of OLX. The camera is in good condition. I bought it 2 years ago. Anyone interested in buying it is welcome to inspect the camera.

What’s so great about this camera?

I think instead showing a blank image of how the camera looks like, I’d showcase my “journeys and selfies” of life seen through this camera for almost a year. The camera has great usable features from RAW shooting mode, GPS tagging, full manual controls etc. In this album you will see a diverse genre of images made by me using this camera. If you are interested in buying it, then feel free to write back to me.

Also, if you know somebody else who would be interested in this, then please do share this link with them.

Additional Notes:

I had written a small article on canon s100 when I had just bought it. It was about a week spent in Mumbai. Here is the link to it – A week with Canon s100

Also, the s100 has a cool (but low resolution) slow motion video mode. A sample test that I had done of it is shared on my blog. Here is the link to it – A slow-motion video on a digicam



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7 years ago


I see that this is a 2011 model, with a 12MP sensor and over 2 years of use. The current price is INR 19,000, and you are selling it for ~INR 20k to 21k.

Could you kindly justify this price-point?

7 years ago
Reply to  Sid

Hi Sid . 21k? From where did you get that figure? I am selling it for 15,000 Indian rupees. And that’s what I have listed it there and also on this cover image. With respect to current price, it is 26,185 rupees for a new one (…/Canon-Powershot-S100-Digital… ) and around 18,000 in used market ( I am selling it for 3,000 less than what it is being sold in the used market.