Sampoorna : A Beginning

Short-film about the origin and work being done by Sampoorna Center in Bangalore. Sampoorna provides music therapy for children with autism.

“Sampoorna : A Beginning”, is a short documentary film that showcases the origin and work being done by Sampoorna in the area of music therapy for autism. Sampoorna Music Therapy Center for children with Autism is a project by Kilikili Trust. Sampoorna is located near Horamavu in Bangalore city.  Sampoorna is financially supported by SAP Labs… Continue reading Sampoorna : A Beginning

Touch, Hear, Play, Learn – Playspaces for the Visually Impaired

Multimedia & Films

Touch, Hear, Play, Learn is a short-film that I made for Kilikili. Kilikili is a non-profit organisation based in Bangalore city. It is essentially a network of parents of children with disabilities, supported by volunteers, working to develop Inclusive Play environments.

Fistful of Dreams

Stories & Documentary Projects

The 2011 population census of India reveals a terrible story. The national child sex ratio shows that for every 1000 boys there are only 914 girls compared to 927, a decade ago. This means a fewer girls have been born in India over the last decade, suggesting that female foeticide continues despite laws prohibiting Pre-Natel… Continue reading Fistful of Dreams

Conversation With Sharath Gayakwad

Indian Paralympic Swimmer and Arjuna Awardee Sharath Gayakwad. Photograph by Nishant Ratnakar

In this multimedia photo-essay, I profile Indian para-swimmer Sharath Gayakwad.

Err-bane Truth

Err Bane Truth is an award winning short-film documentary on Lost lakes of Bangalore

News to share!!! I along with my friend ( Badekkila Pradeep ) had recently made a short film one of the lost lakes in Bangalore city. The title of the film is Err-bane Truth. I am delighted to let you all know that the short film has won the ‘Lost Lakes of Bangalore’ short film… Continue reading Err-bane Truth