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From left: My friends, Santosh, Karthik, Vipul, and I, during the trek along railway tracks near Sakleshpur, Karnataka. 2003.

Sharing the joy of rediscovering my lost pages on internet – thanks to strangers at undertook the task of saving and archiving people’s homepages that once had a space on original website. But Yahoo shut the Geocities free web-hosting service in the year 2009 and deleted all the webpages in its servers.


“We were told Ombattu Gudda didn’t exist. 28 kms and two days later, we live to tell the tale that it does.”   “A piece of advice to future visitors to Ombattu Gudda: Don’t go to this place without a map and a compass if you want to return to civilization on Monday. Get map#… Continue reading IN SEARCH OF AN ALMOST-MYTH