Fistful of Dreams, the book

The cover of the book "Fistful of Dreams: An Adopted Girl's Journey"
The cover of the book “Fistful of Dreams: An Adopted Girl’s Journey”

(UPDATE: Fistful of Dreams is now available as an e-book for iPad/iPhone/iPod)

Yes! Finally! A year of sleepless nights is now seeing the daylight!

My first book, Fistful of Dreams: An Adopted Girl’s journey ,  is now available online on blurb bookstore. The book is in landscape format (10 x 8 inches) with 60 pages of premium matte-finish paper. This is a self-published venture using the print-on-demand technology offered by Hence it will be sold only online, but will be shipped to most countries in the world. A full preview of the book is available at the store and also at the bottom of this post.

Fistful of Dreams is a self-funded project at the moment. Today, there is little space or funding for long-form photographic work in publications. For a documentary photographer, it is hard to work full-time on any independent project unless one receives a grant or pursues dual careers.

For the last one year, my role of shooting and coordinating news photographs at a daily newspaper sustained me financially. This day job allowed me to work on my personal projects, without worrying about my day-to-day expenses. Working full-time with a news daily meant, I could dedicate very little time to my projects. Ideally, I would like to work independently and full-time on social documentary projects.

Internet has been a game changer for visual story-tellers – providing them newer and larger audience – for their work. It has also led to convergence of different mediums – the multimedia, and helped explore a unique story-telling style. The multimedia version of Fistful of Dreams present here on my website is reaching out to newer audience everyday. It will continue to stay there for free viewing for an audience that has Internet access. In doing so, I hope to do my bit  to advocate for the issues addressed in Fistful of Dreams.

The book version is an honest attempt to generate funds to support my work on this project and to reach an audience which prefers to read stories in the traditional medium of print.

If you have bought this book, then you have contributed in enabling me to continue working on social documentary projects. I express my sincere gratitude for your support. If you like the work and believe in the cause it addresses, I request that you recommend this work to others.  Below is a small preview, and the link to purchase this book online. Thank You.

(UPDATE: Fistful of Dreams is now available as an e-book for iPad/iPhone/iPod)

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