Personal stories in Photo Books

There are #stories everywhere. Some stories are #personal while many could be news worthy and headline grabbing. I always loved stories that have a personal touch to them. Some of my #documentary projects utilized a style where I followed the lives of few individuals to highlight larger issues. I made myself an #embedded #journalist rather than a passive observer. With a protagonist being at the center of the story, the audience can be effectively drawn into the #heart of the #story. I have always found it to be an effective style to communicate deeper issues. Anyway, here is extending that style to some personal projects. The subject here is my wife. And this #photo #book project was intended to #gift her something #special while introspecting our early years together. The subject of #Love and the #lover are both an #inspiration for many #photographers. I am no exception . Here is the link to view the book

Fistful of Dreams E-book

Screenshot of a page from Fistful Of Dreams E-book as seen through Apple iBooks on an iPod.

The e-book version of Fistful of Dreams is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod platforms

Making of a Documentary Photography Project

A mobile phone photograph of a young couple during a pre-wedding portrait shoot done at Ateneo De Manila University campus, while we were defending our final projects in front of 3-member panel. May 2011, Manila, Philippines. © Nishant Ratnakar

An online discussion and Q&A session with photojournalism students from my Alma Mater, ACFJ at Ateneo de manila University, Philippines. Spoke to them on how I worked on my long-term documentary photography project, Fistful of Dreams.

Fistful of Dreams, the book

(UPDATE: Fistful of Dreams is now available as an e-book for iPad/iPhone/iPod) Yes! Finally! A year of sleepless nights is now seeing the daylight! My first book, Fistful of Dreams: An Adopted Girl’s journey ,  is now available online on blurb bookstore. The book is in landscape format (10 x 8 inches) with 60 pages of… Continue reading Fistful of Dreams, the book