Composition in Photography is a Political Decision

Bangalore. October, 2013

I’d like to share an important point with respect to composition in photography. This is from the learning and real life experiences, that I have had as a photojournalist and as a Visual Story-teller.

Going Independent as a Photographer

I have now become an independent visual story-teller. Plenty of ideas are taking shape in my mind as I plan the days ahead. I share here a rough road map, ideas and plans, that I believe that independent photographers like me should consider while doing business in today’s world.

Making of a Documentary Photography Project

A mobile phone photograph of a young couple during a pre-wedding portrait shoot done at Ateneo De Manila University campus, while we were defending our final projects in front of 3-member panel. May 2011, Manila, Philippines. © Nishant Ratnakar

An online discussion and Q&A session with photojournalism students from my Alma Mater, ACFJ at Ateneo de manila University, Philippines. Spoke to them on how I worked on my long-term documentary photography project, Fistful of Dreams.

The Snake Catcher and Composition

A Cobra that was rescued by 'Snake Shivappa' from JC Nagar after it had strayed into a residence in the locality. The Cobra weighed around 5 kilograms and was around 5 to 6 feet in length. © Nishant Ratnakar

Snake catcher shivappa has rescued around 12,000 snakes in and around Bangalore city. But there is no permanent job for him. His life depends on whatever people give him after every catch.

Fistful of Dreams, the book

(UPDATE: Fistful of Dreams is now available as an e-book for iPad/iPhone/iPod) Yes! Finally! A year of sleepless nights is now seeing the daylight! My first book, Fistful of Dreams: An Adopted Girl’s journey ,  is now available online on blurb bookstore. The book is in landscape format (10 x 8 inches) with 60 pages of… Continue reading Fistful of Dreams, the book

My Camera Obscura

As part of my scholarship studies course of a Diploma in Photojournalism from ACFJ, I had to make a pinhole camera / Camera Obscura out of a Pringles Potato wafers container.  For me, making the Pringles Camera Obscura was not just about recreating the first known principle behind the design of cameras. It was also a nostalgic… Continue reading My Camera Obscura