My Truly Candid Wedding Moments of 2016

Candid moment during a south Indian tamil brahmin wedding. Bangalore. June 2016.

I like to call myself as a wedding photographer, or as a photographer who sees weddings in the realm of stories – a visual storyteller. But, the marketing of Indian wedding photography industry is built on the phrase – the candid wedding photographer.

A week with Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art series lens

Somebody asked me what is that one good affordable zoom lens that every photographer must have. My reply was that the best affordable zoom lens is a 50mm prime lens. You can use your legs to zoom in and zoom out effectively. Any fast 50mm focal length lens can serve a variety of applications from portraits,… Continue reading A week with Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art series lens

Wedding photography by an embedded journalist

A bride reaching out to her mother, while the latter is slowly being pulled away from her by their relatives. A Bidaai Scene, Bangalore, 2010. © Nishant Ratnakar

There is one particular moment during Hindu weddings that can get emotionally charged. It is the time of Bidaai, or the ritualistic farewell given to the bride by her family. If most rituals of Indian marriages are about joy and celebration, then Bidaai is about shedding tears, and more tears. This is especially true in… Continue reading Wedding photography by an embedded journalist