My Truly Candid Wedding Moments of 2016

Best of Candid wedding photography in India 2016
Candid moment during a south Indian tamil brahmin wedding. Bangalore. June 2016.

I like to call myself as a wedding photographer, or as a photographer who sees weddings in the realm of stories – a visual storyteller. But, the marketing of Indian wedding photography industry is built on the phrase – the candid wedding photographer.

I do candid wedding photography and I am a candid wedding photographer too. But, I don’t want to oversimplify the work that I do in the context of complex Indian weddings into that single phrase alone.

Yes, looking for unscripted candid moments forms the crux of the day I spend photographing a wedding. But, then there are other creative styles of photography that I do along with pursuing the candid moments.

Wedding portraits, for example. I think good portraits are the outcome of a successful collaboration between the photographer and his subjects. Staged indeed, but the objective is to create something meaningful for the couple.

Also, the anticipated moments in the scripted ceremony – can I call them as truly candid when I know what’s bound to happen the next moment? Perhaps, creative photography would be a better word here rather than candid.

The styles mentioned above and a many more approaches are all part of the contemporary wedding photographer’s playbook.

This is a compilation of my favorite candid moments from the Indian weddings that I photographed in 2016. When I say candid, these include neither the ‘couple portraits’ nor anything creative from the ceremony or rituals. These are completely unexpected moments, and not at all choreographed. They probably happened along the sidelines of the main events, or sometimes in between the scripted ceremony as a breath of fresh air. These are all split-second decisive moments to which I was not only a witness but also made good of them by framing it for posterity.

Making these pictures were like I being a little kid walking along a beach in search of pebbles and suddenly discovering a stone that I had never seen before.

I present to you my favorite truly candid moments from the Indian weddings that I photographed in the year 2016. These are in no particular order and are all held together by a string of being completely unguarded moments.

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