Lacklustre Bangalore 2007

Bangalore 2007 being held at BIEC(Bangalore International Exhibition Centre) has received a lukewarm response from the IT crowded Bangalore city. Here is an image of the ‘May I help You’ Help-desk which was of no help to the sparse crowd that had gathered courage to drive down to BIEC, located at 10th mile Tumkur… Continue reading Lacklustre Bangalore 2007

When the monks came marching

Forty eight years ago, on the10th of March in the year1959, Tibetans rose up to protest against Chinese occupation of Tibet and to re-assert their demand for complete independence. Millions of Tibetans since then have lost their lives in this struggle, and also thousands of them lose their lives every year as they attempt to… Continue reading When the monks came marching

Janapada Jathre 2007: A Festival of folk dance

Saturday evening and a free concert at a hillock; what a combo it was for connoisseurs of folk music and dance! This was the atmosphere I was treated to when I arrived at Lal Bagh. This year’s Janapada Jathre, the festival of folk music and dance was held at the base of the Lal Bagh… Continue reading Janapada Jathre 2007: A Festival of folk dance