The Grip : Making of a Portrait

Pavithra. 13 years old. Chamrajpet. Bangalore. July 2016. Photograph by NIshant Ratnakar.

The kids took their turn one by one for me to make their portraits that day. Most of them were children from families that lived on the streets or children who ran away from their homes. But, now all of them were in the care of the shelter home run by an NGO in Bangalore… Continue reading The Grip : Making of a Portrait

Notes From the Field: Representation of the Marginalised in a game won by the majority

Post Cards addressed to the Honorable Chief Justice of India with messages from the members of the sexual minorities community in Bangalore. © Nishant Ratnakar

Last week, I traveled to various locations of the city (Bengaluru/Bangalore) on an assignment for an NGO. The assignment involved making portraits of people from a marginalized section of our society – the working class sexual minorities. The assignment would continue for some more time and I will be traveling to remote districts of the… Continue reading Notes From the Field: Representation of the Marginalised in a game won by the majority

Bilekahalli Tales : The Manhole

A mini truck queued up in traffic at Bilekahalli Junction, Off Bannerghatta Road, has stopped right next to a water-clogged manhole. The manhole's lid was damaged long back and was causing a traffic hazard as it is located at a sharp bend along the road. With overnight showers that the Bangalore city received, the visibility of this potential road hazard has worsened further. Saturday, 1st June, 2013, Bangalore. © Nishant Ratnakar

The Manhole is the first video to be produced in the Bilekahalli Tales series. The Manhole is a short feature about a specific civic issue (a hazardous manhole) affecting the busy Bilekahalli main road, off Bannerghatta road, Bangalore city.

When the sound lets you see the truth.

Vaseem, a 22 year old aspiring journalist who is also visually impaired, uses JAWS(a software which aids the visually impaired by translating text to sound) for his studies and browsing on the computer. Vaseem along with many of his visually impaired friends stay in Samarthanam, an NGO dedicated to improving lives of the disabled. It… Continue reading When the sound lets you see the truth.

Evil Smoke

Evil SmokeOriginally uploaded by travelling writer. Helmets can save you only from the road accidents. It can’t save you from cancer. For such evils, its only your will power which can fight it out. Some facts Half the male tuberculosis deaths in India are caused by smoking, and three quarters of the smokers who become… Continue reading Evil Smoke

Kilikili : Wobbling laughter of children

At the inaguration of modified Coles park, Bangalore. It-was modified into a Universally Accesible Park which houses play equipments designed keeping in mind the requirements of children with disabilities. The park was redesigned largely due to the efforts of KiliKili an NGO operating in Bangalore.

The following photographs are from one of the interesting assignments I have done till date. It is from the Universally Accessible Park (UAP) project undertaken by KiliKili, an NGO based in Bangalore, along with the help from the city administration, the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP). This NGO is a network of ‘Parents of children with… Continue reading Kilikili : Wobbling laughter of children