Ten years a photographer

Benjasiri Park. Thailand

This year, the date falls on a Thursday. But, ten years ago, it was a Friday the 13th which couldn’t spook me from making the decision that altered the course of my life. Some would probably say that it was an inauspicious move to make on such a day. But, I am glad that I… Continue reading Ten years a photographer

To Amma

A portrait of Amma, my grandmother. 2006. Pangala.

Taarammaiyya, Thandu Thorammaiyya Doorada Baanige yerida chandrana, Taarammaiyya, Thandu Thorammaiyya Nine of Amma’s (my maternal grandmother was fondly called as Amma by everyone who knew her) children and few of her fortunate grandchildren (including me) have spent their cradle years listening to this Kannada lullaby every night before being rocked into a sound sleep.

One fine morning: Me, you and our dear old Amby

The Ambassador car, once synonymous with the word ‘India’ is now slowly disappearing from its landscape. It seems to be now relegated for use by the politicians. For years, I had believed that Amby, as it’s fondly called by its aficionados has disappeared from the cities and can only be found in the countryside. But,… Continue reading One fine morning: Me, you and our dear old Amby