Bilekahalli Tales : The Manhole

A mini truck queued up in traffic at Bilekahalli Junction, Off Bannerghatta Road, has stopped right next to a water-clogged manhole. The manhole's lid was damaged long back and was causing a traffic hazard as it is located at a sharp bend along the road. With overnight showers that the Bangalore city received, the visibility of this potential road hazard has worsened further. Saturday, 1st June, 2013, Bangalore. © Nishant Ratnakar

The Manhole is the first video to be produced in the Bilekahalli Tales series. The Manhole is a short feature about a specific civic issue (a hazardous manhole) affecting the busy Bilekahalli main road, off Bannerghatta road, Bangalore city.

A Slow-motion Music Video on a Digicam

Evenings With Arnie - A music video. © Nishant Ratnakar

Evenings with Arnie is a music video where I follow my nephew Arnav during his playtime on one fine overcast Summer evening at our home in Bangalore city. This is as simple as I can get with the description of this video :).

Flash Mob – Slutwalk Bangalore

I had last covered a Flash mob three years ago, when dancing ban at public places in Bangalore was making fresh headlines. It had got some of the city’s dancing enthusiasts to assemble at a public square with music quietly streaming from their portable players. The confused security guards at the square were struggling to… Continue reading Flash Mob – Slutwalk Bangalore