Media ethics and Mangalore Attack Case

The case of attack by hooligans (I refrain to use the term Moral Police. I fear that the term legitimizes their actions) on a group of youngsters who were partying at a resort at Mangalore has left people outraged across the country. The incident has followed close on the heels of the public molestation of… Continue reading Media ethics and Mangalore Attack Case

The story behind my Embedded Eyes

Indian migrant Guddu Gupta at his shared accommodation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Guddu hails from Ghorakpur town of India and works as a salesman in Cambodia. 2008. Photo: Nishant Ratnakar

My article on ‘Embedded journalism in documentary photography,’ that appeared in Un(T)ravel, the April-July 2011 edition of Offbeat, The Alternative’s quarterly ezine celebrating alternative living.