The story behind my Embedded Eyes

Indian migrant Guddu Gupta at his shared accommodation in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Guddu hails from Ghorakpur town of India and works as a salesman in Cambodia. 2008. Photo: Nishant Ratnakar

My article on ‘Embedded journalism in documentary photography,’ that appeared in Un(T)ravel, the April-July 2011 edition of Offbeat, The Alternative’s quarterly ezine celebrating alternative living.

Going Independent as a Photographer

I have now become an independent visual story-teller. Plenty of ideas are taking shape in my mind as I plan the days ahead. I share here a rough road map, ideas and plans, that I believe that independent photographers like me should consider while doing business in today’s world.

Don’t leave me now

As a photojournalist, one of the most challenging beats to work on is the crime beat. It is a beat of extremes. I end up doing work that emotionally drains me out to something that is very mundane. Covering suicides drains me the most. Personally, there is a larger purpose in covering suicides…

Notes from the field:Politics & Media

Wednesday morning coverage of the Diamond Jubilee inauguration of Karnataka Public Service Commission(KPSC) could have been just another event if not for the events chief guests – Governor HR Bharadwaj, and Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa – the two people, at loggerheads in the current political drama in the state. Them sharing the same podium, was medias’ ‘orgasmic’ moment…

Obama wave on TV

There’s only Obama on TV. All news channels are trying hard to give an exclusive perspective to his arrival in India. The “breaking news”  concept has gone bit strange these days. Maybe I can expect another breaking news tonight. Something like “Breaking news: Obama tasted indian pickles at Taj,” will not surprise me anymore.

Of Rann, Carlton Towers and other things bothering me

Industry: Media Product: News & Entertainment Customer : Citizen (and advertisers?) The Ram Gopal Varma movie RANN, took a dig on electronic media’s unethical practices. Talking point among the tech savvy crowd was suddenly all about the wrong doings of Indian electronic media. My colleague Monica says that ‘Indian electronic media is still in its… Continue reading Of Rann, Carlton Towers and other things bothering me