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Candid wedding photographer Tumkur
Candid wedding photography in Tumkur 2016. www.nishantratnakar.com

Couples and wedding photographers, both, would love weddings to take place at dreamy destinations. It makes for some incredible location to be the backdrop for a fairytale wedding. For us photographers, it is an opportunity for making wedding photographs and couple portraits with stunning landscapes and an abundance of ambient lighting, which will eventually find a prominent space in our wedding photography portfolio.

However, that’s not always the case.

A great number of weddings in India still take place at auditoriums or conventional wedding halls (or Kalyana Mantapas, as they are called in Bangalore). Sometimes, the venue of the wedding ceremony is the home of either the bride or the groom. It may not be the greatest of the locations or may not have the best of the lighting.

But, that should not deter us. Should it?

I personally believe that the important essence of a good wedding photo album is the people in it – the couple, their families, their friends and other loved ones.

If I am able to capture in photographs the warmth of the people around me, their personality, and the dynamics of the relationship between the people at the wedding, then it is a good day at the field for me. It doesn’t really matter if the wedding was held at a beach resort or at a small wedding hall in a nondescript village, as long as I have frozen memories in pictures that can be cherished year after year.

Here is one such wedding held in the town of Tumkur, about a hundred kilometers from Bengaluru city in Karnataka. Nitin and Shwetha had their typical South Indian Kannadiga Brahmin ceremony at a conventional wedding hall no different from the ones seen in Bangalore city, the state capital.

The couple, their family, and their friends were a joyous bunch of people who didn’t shy away from expressing their emotions with each other. And this is what I loved about this wedding – being able to make photographs at the heart of which were human emotions and expressions. It reaffirms my faith that people are the most important essence of a wedding.

Here is a small photo gallery showcasing the highlights from this wedding.

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