IrfanOriginally uploaded by travelling writer. Date: November 4th,2006. Place:Russel Market, Bangalore I thought child labour was banned in my country. But poverty I guess forces children to work. Irfan, works along with his friend and another lady who runs this service of cleaning prawns for customers after they have struck a deal with one of… Continue reading Irfan

Bunking college

Bunking collegeOriginally uploaded by travelling writer. This was one of my published photographs in Bangalore Vijay Times. The story was on bunking classes in College. I was already on an assignment to a popular women’s college in the city when I was told to make a photograph for this feature story. I was actually there… Continue reading Bunking college

Janapada Jathre 2007: A Festival of folk dance

Saturday evening and a free concert at a hillock; what a combo it was for connoisseurs of folk music and dance! This was the atmosphere I was treated to when I arrived at Lal Bagh. This year’s Janapada Jathre, the festival of folk music and dance was held at the base of the Lal Bagh… Continue reading Janapada Jathre 2007: A Festival of folk dance

One fine morning: Me, you and our dear old Amby

The Ambassador car, once synonymous with the word ‘India’ is now slowly disappearing from its landscape. It seems to be now relegated for use by the politicians. For years, I had believed that Amby, as it’s fondly called by its aficionados has disappeared from the cities and can only be found in the countryside. But,… Continue reading One fine morning: Me, you and our dear old Amby

Images of Kaipunjal

Kaipunjal Beach, Udupi district, Karnataka. © Nishant Ratnakar

In my previous post, I wrote about the Kaipunjal beach which lies in Udupi district and one of my popular photographs which has been shot in that location. That travellogue introduced to the readers this little known beach which is adjacent to the more popular Kaup beach. The story unfolded by describing the sights and… Continue reading Images of Kaipunjal

Footprints of time

Kaipunjal Beach, Udupi district, Karnataka. © Nishant Ratnakar

Footprints of time Originally uploaded by travelling writer. Sometimes unexpected moments in life give out the best pictures. When I took this shot I never really thought it’ll create such a sudden fan following for it. But, it has hardly been a week since I uploaded this on Flickr, the image seems to have been… Continue reading Footprints of time