Remembering T S Nagarajan

Autographed copy of Camera Obscura XLVII that contained T S Nagarajan's series "Homes with a soul"

Renowned Indian photographer T S Nagarajan passed away in Chennai on Tuesday morning. He was 82 years old. He was the younger brother of  late TS Satyan, who was an equally accomplished photographer too. Both of them originally hailed from Mysore. T S Nagarajan lived in Bangalore till recently. He was ailing for a while and… Continue reading Remembering T S Nagarajan

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now

I take a moment and look back into my last years at engineering college. During those days, Campus placements/recruitment was the hot topic among my friends. We were to soon graduate from one of the finest colleges in the country (R.V.C.E), and it was inevitable that most of us had a job in our hand… Continue reading Where do you see yourself 5 years from now

Going Independent as a Photographer

I have now become an independent visual story-teller. Plenty of ideas are taking shape in my mind as I plan the days ahead. I share here a rough road map, ideas and plans, that I believe that independent photographers like me should consider while doing business in today’s world.

Few frames behind the lens

As an assignment for my Advanced News Photography class held during my Diploma in Photojournalism scholarship program I did an audio slideshow featuring my photographer colleague K Anantha Subramanyam at his home and at work.