Ten years a photographer

Benjasiri Park. Thailand

This year, the date falls on a Thursday. But, ten years ago, it was a Friday the 13th which couldn’t spook me from making the decision that altered the course of my life. Some would probably say that it was an inauspicious move to make on such a day. But, I am glad that I… Continue reading Ten years a photographer

The Grip : Making of a Portrait

Pavithra. 13 years old. Chamrajpet. Bangalore. July 2016. Photograph by NIshant Ratnakar. www.nishantratnakar.com

The kids took their turn one by one for me to make their portraits that day. Most of them were children from families that lived on the streets or children who ran away from their homes. But, now all of them were in the care of the shelter home run by an NGO in Bangalore… Continue reading The Grip : Making of a Portrait

A Basic Photography Workshop at Pause Studio Bangalore

Photography 101 : A Basic Photography workshop my Photography mentor Nishant Ratnakar, at Pause Studio Bangalore

Sometimes, I wish my photography education started during my primary school years. And then I think otherwise. The very thought of learning photography from school conjures up visions of a methodology of learning something with the objective of cracking an examination question paper. Imagine, “Explain Focal length in 20 sentences for 10 marks”. ¬†Would this… Continue reading A Basic Photography Workshop at Pause Studio Bangalore

Bangalore Pete Photo Walk

A photo Walk at the Pete area of Bangalore. This walk was held as part of the multicity photo walks held over a week across India in connection with the World Photography Day. The walks were organised by Photo Konnect, and the Bangalore photo walk was led by photographers Mahesh Bhat and Vivek M. August 2015.

When you read the signage on the street that has words Balepet, Chikpet, Upparpet, Huriyopet, Darjipet, and so on, then you know you are in Bangalore’s “Pete” area. Last weekend, I was part of a photo walk held at the Bangalore Pete area. This walk was held as part of weeklong events to mark the World Photography day… Continue reading Bangalore Pete Photo Walk

Say hello to Snapbook : A Mini Photo Book

Snapbook for Portrait Photographs in Bangalore

A printed photographs has a charm that can’t be matched by a digital version of it. Look at that wallpaper on your smart phone or laptop screen. Maybe it is a brilliant candid moment from your wedding, or a portrait of your loved one, or some valuable memory frozen for posterity. Touch that screen with… Continue reading Say hello to Snapbook : A Mini Photo Book

About dreams, good and bad

Dear Ruh,

Looks like you had a bad dream. Don’t you cry.

Bad dreams come and go just like seasons. You were born when it was summer. And now we are welcoming the monsoons.

So, it is not always a bad dream. There are good dreams too.

And you should try to focus on those good dreams when they come to you. There is a legend which says that if you put all your energies into your thoughts and dreams, then they manifest some day. A lot of people swear by it so much that they have written books about it.

Maybe, it is true. Because your mum and I had a dream. And we kept thinking about it and eventually it came true. That good dream is nothing but you, my Ruh.


May, 2015.

The birthday gift

Dear Ruh,

If somebody ever asks you what does your father do? Tell them he is a photographer.
I make photographs of the world around us. I do this to tell stories about the people and places in this world. I do this, both for a living and as a way of expression. As you grow a little older, I promise to tell you a lot of stories.

Making portraits is also a way of telling stories. In fact, portraiture is one of the oldest forms of storytelling. Off all the portraits that I’ve made till date and will make in the coming years, this portrait will always remain as a special one. It is the first portrait of you that I ever made. You had just arrived into this world then. You were crying with your eyes closed. And then suddenly, you stopped crying, turned towards me, and opened your eyes. And I didn’t miss that moment.

I didn’t use any of my fancy cameras to make this portrait. I made it with a mobile phone that your mum had given to me as an advance birthday gift. Actually, she didn’t have to gift me the phone. Because, couple of days after receiving the phone I got another advance gift. And that gift was, You.


The Sound of our Lives

Dear Ruh.
Last night, while humming the lullaby, I held you real close. So close that I could hear you breath. It felt good to hear that sound – the sound of your life.
You, my dear, are one of the best things that has happened to me. I do not know what you expect from me. But, I want to live up to your expectations. And I hope that the sound of my life lasts long enough for me to do that.