Remembering T S Nagarajan

Autographed copy of Camera Obscura XLVII that contained T S Nagarajan's series "Homes with a soul"

Renowned Indian photographer T S Nagarajan passed away in Chennai on Tuesday morning. He was 82 years old. He was the younger brother of  late TS Satyan, who was an equally accomplished photographer too. Both of them originally hailed from Mysore. T S Nagarajan lived in Bangalore till recently. He was ailing for a while and… Continue reading Remembering T S Nagarajan

A Portrait assignment at Yarada Beach with Fujifilm x100s

Sheetal & Josiah. Yarada Beach, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. February 2014.

While packing my camera bag for an assignment at Vishakhapatnam (Vizag), I was contemplating whether to carry my Fujifilm x100s mirror-less camera along with my regular assignment gear. It was a split second decision to consider it as a possible second camera and include it in the kit. And I am glad I did that,… Continue reading A Portrait assignment at Yarada Beach with Fujifilm x100s

Sachin Tendulkar : A Photograph that I wish had a Different Script

Mitchel Johnson celebrates after getting Sachin Tendulkar out plumb LBW in the India vs Australia ODI match held at Chinnaswamy Stadium on 29th September 2007

A greater part of my early childhood was spent playing the game of cricket. It was not always a big playground where I played. Sometimes it was the corner of the street, a veranda, or sometimes even indoors. Summer vacations meant choosing between grandparents home or summer cricket. I chose the latter. The idea of… Continue reading Sachin Tendulkar : A Photograph that I wish had a Different Script

Outdoor Portraits using Fujifilm x100s and strobes

Swapna. At Parkala, near Manipal. November 2013.

In the last seven years of my life as a professional photographer, a majority of time has been spent as a photojournalist on the field in the open outdoors. Conventional studio setting was not part my work (and wasn’t even the point of interest) when I embarked my journey as a photographer with the intention… Continue reading Outdoor Portraits using Fujifilm x100s and strobes

The Snake Catcher and Composition

A Cobra that was rescued by 'Snake Shivappa' from JC Nagar after it had strayed into a residence in the locality. The Cobra weighed around 5 kilograms and was around 5 to 6 feet in length. © Nishant Ratnakar

Snake catcher shivappa has rescued around 12,000 snakes in and around Bangalore city. But there is no permanent job for him. His life depends on whatever people give him after every catch.

To Amma

A portrait of Amma, my grandmother. 2006. Pangala.

Taarammaiyya, Thandu Thorammaiyya Doorada Baanige yerida chandrana, Taarammaiyya, Thandu Thorammaiyya Nine of Amma’s (my maternal grandmother was fondly called as Amma by everyone who knew her) children and few of her fortunate grandchildren (including me) have spent their cradle years listening to this Kannada lullaby every night before being rocked into a sound sleep.


P A Venkata Lakshmi, a women auto driver in Bangalore city. Lakshmi is more than an auto driver. She is a law student. At the age of 33 years, this married woman and a mother of a 9 year old girl, has five semesters to complete before she can become a lawyer.

You never know what sexual harassment does to a woman, do you? It made Venkata Lakshmi turn to the law books, while driving an auto to feed her family. “She didn’t charge me a rupee more than the auto meter,” said an incredulous young girl who travelled in an auto in the city recently. She?… Continue reading HER LONG DRIVE TO JUSTICE